Varone Waterfalls

Famous since the 19th century , it was born where the groundwater deriving from the Lago di Tenno encounter a softer sedimentary rock, creating a spectacular leap between the walls of a 73 meter high gorge, carved out by water. It was in this place that Thomas Mann , on holiday on Lake Garda, found the inspiration to write “The enchanted mountain” – in particular for the phrase: “ Against the backdrop of the narrow, deep chasm formed by boulders of pot-bellied rock, naked, slippery like huge fish bellies, the mass of water pours down with a deafening noise “.

Equipped with ladders and balconies for a closer view, in the waterfall there are two caves : one located near the first runner; the second, called the upper cave, where the water flows inside the mountain, can be reached after 115 steps and the passage through a well-kept botanical garden .